September 8, 2015

Senior Inter Maths Paper 2B Study Plan and Important Chapters

The 'Coordinate Geometry' unit of Paper-B consists of the chapters
'The Circle', 'System of Circles', 'Parabola', 'Ellipse', and
'Hyperbola' all theoretical in nature. 'Locus' and 'Transformation of
Axes' of first year course
are involved in these chapters.

While 'locus' is used to define these geometrical figures,
'translation of axes' is used to derive certain results like obtaining
parametric equations of a circle. 'Learn to be silent and let your
quiet mind listen and absorb' is the famous quotation best suitable in
classrooms in learning about the circle
and its various features.

It also can be noted that the foot of the perpendicular relation
studied in first year Straight Line chapter is used to find the
midpoint of the chord intercepted by a given circle and a line. Also,
section formulae are applied in studying about the relative positions
of two circles. Thus, students are
reminded to remember the fundamentals wherever and whenever studied.

The chapter 'System of Circles' introduces the concepts of (i) angle
between two intersecting circles and (ii) radical axis of two

'Law of Cosines' formula of first year properties of Triangles is used
in deriving the expression for the angle between two intersecting
circles. 'Locus' concept is used to define the radical axis of two
circles. Also,
concept of S + .L = 0, studied in straight line chapter of first year
course, is applied in solving certain problems related to radical
axis. Thus, the first year fundamentals come into use in some of the
second year chapters.

The knowledge of definitions and various derivations studied in the
chapter 'Circle' is helpful to understand about the three conics such
as Parabola, Ellipse and Hyperbola. . In the second unit calculus of
Paper - B,
'Integration', 'Definite Integrals' and 'Differential Equations' are
the chapters
involved. The concept of differentiation is recollected in learning
the concept of integration, which is regarded as the inverse process
of differentiation.

Standard forms and properties of integrals are discussed in the
chapter integration. Method of integration by parts, partial fractions
method and reduction formulae are very important features of

"Definite Integrals" chapter deals with applications of integration in
terms of deriving reduction formulae and computation of areas of
closed regions. Both are important topics as far as examinations are
concerned. Solved problems and all exercise problems must be attempted
and practised time to time. Then only students can have a grip over
the subject matter, which helps them to perform well in higher levels
of examinations.

In the chapter 'differential equations', formation and solution of
equations are learnt. Various methods exist in solving differential
equations and students must be thorough with each and every method.
Differential equations have applications in many branches of Physics,
Physical Chemistry etc. As usual, students are expected to look into
the solved examples and exercise problems for gaining perfection.

To conclude in Paper-B, Circle, Parabola, Integration, Definite Integrals and
Differential Equations are very very important chapters, carrying a
reasonable weightage of marks in the Intermediate examination. Regular
practice of the methods, remembering formulae and solving all types of
problems repeatedly in every chapter is the key to success in the

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