September 14, 2015

Senior Inter Physics Important Questions and Exam Tips

Read the text: Guides and other printed material assist you in scoring
good marks in Intermediate Public Exam but not in getting a good rank
in Entrance exam.
Hence, read the text book thoroughly.

Physics plays a pivotal role in Medical and Engineering entrances.
Especially, in medicine, Physics decides the rank. Solve the problems
given in the Telugu
Akademi and in other standard books. Resort to model papers only after attaining
the command over the subject. To excel well in IIT and in other national level
exams, one should have the comprehensive mastery over the subject.

In Physics, every part of the subject is an important one. Revise the
topics and formulae of first year.

Some Important Questions (SAQ)

1. Critical angle, Total internal reflection, Mirages, Rainbow.
2. Scattering of Light, Colour of the Sun.
3. Simple microscope.
4. Doppler effect in light, Red-Blue shifts.
5. Coulomb's inverse square law, Dipole, Gauss's law and their applications.
6. Electric Potential, Expression for the capacitance of a parallel
plate capacitor,
Dielectrics, Energy stored by a capacitor, Series and Parallel combinations of
7. Biot-Savart law, Ampere's law, Magnetic induction due to a long
current carrying conductor.
8. Cyclotron, force acting between the two parallel current carrying conductors.
9. Thomson, Rutherford, Bohr atomic models, expression for the energy
of an electron revolving around the nucleus, Debroglie's explanation
of Bohr's postulate.
10. Half-wave, Full-wave rectifiers, different types of logic gates
and their truth tables. Strategy...

Previous question papers may help you in assessing your level of
preparedness to face the Exam. Read all sorts of questions given at
the end of the chapter. Sometimes, LAQ may be asked as a SAQ and
vice-versa. . The analysis of previous question papers indicate that
all the LAQ asked under 6th chapter are framed from the SAQ of the
text book.

Long Answer Questions of Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance are given as
Short Answer Questions, such as the combination of capacitor, energy stored by a

The strong hold on this subject will, definitely, be helpful in
understanding other subjects in a different aspect.

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