December 14, 2015

Senior Intermediate Zoology Important Questions for IPE Exams

Q: Write short notes on B-Cells.
A: B-Lymphocytes (B-Cells) are the cells that are capable of producing
antibodies and capture the circulating antigens. BCells are produced
from the stem cells in the bone marrow in adults and in foetus from
the liver (from bursa fabricii in birds).

Mature B-cells produce antibodies. As these antibodies take antigens,
these Bcells are called immuno competent Bcells.

Mature B- Cells enter the secondary lymphoid organs and then become
memory cells (long lived and store information about specific antigen
for quick response) and plasma cells (produce antibodies).

Q: Write notes on Addison's disease and Cushing's Syndrome.
A: a. Due to hypo secretion of glucocorticoids by the adrenal cortex,
Addison's Disease is caused.

It is characterised by loss of weight, muscular weakness, fatigue and
low blood pressure. Sometimes bronzening of skin occurs.

b. Due to hyper secretion of glucocorticoids, Cushing's Syndrome
results. It is characterised by the breakdown of muscle proteins and
redistribution of body fat resulting in spindly arms and legs besides
moon face, buffalo hump.

Wound healing is poor. Rapid weight gain may also occur.

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