January 28, 2016

10th Class English Grammar - Adjectives and Degrees of Comparison

The Adjective: An adjective is a word used with a noun to add something to its meaning. In short, adjectives qualify nouns.
Eg: 1) The Tatas are rich. (The Tatas = noun; rich = adjective).
2) The rose is a beautiful flower. (The rose = noun; beautiful = adj).

Degrees Of Comparison:

There are three degrees of comparison of adjectives in English. They are i) the positive, ii) the comparative and iii) the superlative.

The positive shows the simple quality of a thing, person or place.
Eg: The Himalayas are high mountains.
Sometimes we make comparisons to denote a higher degree of the quality of the things we are talking about.
Eg: The Himalayas are higher than any other mountain.

This superlative shows the highest or the greatest degree of the quality.
Eg: The Himalayas are the highest of all other mountains.
Interchange of Degrees of comparison

Study these sentences:

a) No other fruit is so sweet as mango. (Positive Deg)
b) Mango is sweeter than any other fruit. (Comp. Deg)
c) Mango is the sweetest of all other fruits. (Superlative Deg)

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