January 9, 2016

Senior Inter Botany Imp 2 Marks Questions - Respiration in Plants

Following are important questions and answers for IPE Exams in AP and
Telangana for Senior Intermediate. These are 2 marks questions from
the chapter - Respiration in Plants.

Q: What is the specific role of F0 - F1 particles in respiration?
A: F0 - F1 particles (Previously called Oxysomes or elementary
particles) are present in the inner membrane of mitochondria (or
thylakoid membranes of chloroplast). They are considered as Complex V
(ATP synthase). F0 is hydrophilic and present towards
perimitochondrial space. F1 is hydrophobic and present towards matrix.
F0 acts H+ channel. F1 is the smallest rotating machine and active
site of ATP synthesis.

Q: When does anaerobic respiration occur in man and yeast?
A: Anaerobic respiration occurs in muscle cells of man, and yeast when
oxygen is not available.

Q: What cellular organic substances are never used as respiratory substrates?
A: Pure proteins and fats are never used as respiratory substrates.

Q: Why is the RQ of fats less than that of carbohydrates?
A: When fats are used as substrates in respiration, less CO2 is
evolved for more O2 absorbed. So RQ is less than that of carbohydrates
(i.e. less than 1).

Q: What is meant by 'Amphibolic' pathway?
A: The respiratory pathway is an amphibolic pathway as it involves
both anabolism and catabolism. Basically it is catabolic pathway. But
the carbon skeleton produced during respiration is used as a precursor
for biosynthesis of other biomolecules.
Ex: á - Ketoglutaric acid is useful in the synthesis of an amino acid
called Glutamic acid.

Q: Name the mobile electron carriers of the respiratory electron
transport chain in the inner mitochondrial membrane.
A: Ubiquinone (UQ) is a mobile electron carrier between Complex I &
Complex III, Complex II and Complex III. Cyt C is a mobile electron
carrier between Complex III and Complex IV of the mitochondrial inner

Q: What is the final acceptor of electrons in aerobic respiration?
From which complex does it receive electrons?
A: Oxygen is the final acceptor of electrons in aerobic respiration.
It receives electrons from Complex IV.

Q: Do you know of any step in Krebs Cycle where there is a substrate
level phosphorylation? Explain.
A: During the conversion of succinyl - CoA to succinic acid a molecule
of GTP is synthesised. This is a substrate level phosphorylation
(SLP). In a coupled reaction GTP is converted to GDP with simultaneous
synthesis of ATP from ADP.

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