July 20, 2016

Junior Intermediate Zoology Study Plan for Chapters 1-4 for AP and Telangana

Majority of the Intermediate Bi.P.C. students take it as a challenge to secure admission into M.B.B.S course. To get admission into M.B.B.S a good rank in NEET is essential. Hence, like NEET, a planned study of Intermediate lessons is
also important to get good marks in it.

Division of marks: Out of the total 60 marks, 20 marks are allotted for Very Short Answer Questions (10 Questions × 2 marks). 24 marks are allotted for Short Answer Questions (6 Questions × 4 marks). 16 marks for Long Answer Questions (2 Questions × 8 marks).

There is no choice for VSAQ. All questions are to be answered. To answer these questions, all topics are to be studied thoroughly.

In SAQ, 8 questions will be given. One can choose any 6. Answer for these questions should be in 15-20 lines each. Some questions are related to drawing the labelled diagrams also.

In LAQ, 2 questions are to be answered out of given 3. Each question should be in 45-60 lines. Illustrations are also required. LAQs are to be described in detail with labelled diagrams.

Unit-wise Study Plan:

The syllabus of Junior Intermediate Zoology is divided into 8 units.
Generally, LAQs are given from the units II, VI, VII and VIII. Apart from these, one SAQ and one VSAQ are also given from all the 8 units. Sometimes from VI and VIII units two VSAQ may also be given.

For VSAQ: The answer must be direct and brief. For example, observe the following question.

Q: Distinguish between ecosystem and biome.
A: a. A functional unit of Biosphere in which members of the community interact among themselves and with the surrounding environment, involving in energy flow forming a well defined trophic structure is known as ecosystem.
b. A large community of organisms that occupies a vast region is known as biome.

For SAQ: Note thar answers for some of these questions may not be in 20 lines. But for some questions, the answer may be more than 20 lines. Hence, do not count the number of lines but just write answers properly and completely. If diagram is given under SAQ, draw it with a sharply pointed HB or B pencil and label the parts towards right side. If space is not sufficient on right side, write some parts on left side also. This type of questions are generally given from the units II and VII.

I. Zoology - Diversity of Living World

There is much scope for giving VSAQ from branches of Zoology, Species concept, Nomenclature etc. SAQs are generally given in basic concepts
of classification, species concept, biodiversity etc.

II. Structural Organisation of Animals

Very Short Answer Questions and Short Answer Questions are given from symmetry and body cavity. Short Answer Questions and Long Answer Questions may be given from tissues. Diagram under SAQ may be given from tissues.

III. Animal Diversity-I

This unit is related to characters and classification of Non-Chordates. Generally Very Short Answer Questions and Short Answer Questions are given from this unit. To study the characters and classification characters of different classes and examples the student has to prepare tables with the help of Text Book. Hence, it becomes easy to remember.

IV. Animal Diversity - II

It is related to characters and classification of Chordates. Usually Very Short Answer Questions and Short Answer Questions are given from this unit. As like that of Unit III, prepare tables with the help of Text Book.

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