December 13, 2016

Senior Inter Physics Important 2 Marks Questions - Magnetism and Matter

Following are important questions and answers of Senior Intermediate - Physics from Magnetism and Matter chapter. These are important questions with answers useful for both Telangana and AP Board students.

Q: Define magnetic declination.
A: At a given place, the angle between geographical meridian and magnetic meridian of Earth is defined as magnetic declination.

Q: Define magnetic inclination (or) angle of dip.
A: The magnetic inclination (or) angle of dip at a place is defined as the angle made by the direction of Earth's magnetic field with the horizontal direction in magnetic meridian.

Q: Classify the following materials with regard to magnetism.
(i) Manganese (ii) Cobalt
(iii) Nickel (iv) Bismuth
(v) Oxygen (vi) Copper
A: Manganese & Oxygen are Paramagnetic materials. Cobalt & Nickel are Ferromagnetic materials. Bismuth & Copper are Diamagnetic materials.

Q: Magnetic lines form continuous closed loops. Why?
A: Isolated (mono) magnetic poles do not exist, so magnetic lines form continuous closed loops.

Q: What happens to compass needles at the Earth's poles?
A: Compass needles does not work at magnetic poles of the Earth, because at poles horizontal component of Earth's magnetic field (BH) is zero.

Some more important questions:

Q: What is the magnetic moment associated with a solenoid?

Q: If the number of turns of a solenoid is doubled, keeping the other factors constant, how does the magnetic field induction at the axis of solenoid change?

Q: If B is the magnetic field produced at centre of a circular coil of one turn of length 'L' carrying
a current i, then what is the magnetic induction at centre of the same coil which is made into 10 turns?

Q: What are the SI units of Magnetic moment, Magnetic induction and Magnetic field?

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