May 11, 2017

PG Medical and Dental Fee Increased in Telangana from 2017-18

The Government of Telangana has increased the post graduate medical courses fee from this academic year (2017-18). The tuition fee for PG medical and dental courses private unaided and non-minority colleges will be as follows.

Fee for PG clinical degree course under the convener quota (category A) will now at Rs. 6.9 lakh per annum from the previous Rs. 3.2 lakh per annum.

The management quota seats (category B) fee has also been significantly increased from the existing Rs. 5.25 lakh to Rs. 24.20 lakh per annum. The fee under the NRI quota (category-C) will be increased to a staggering Rs. 2.16 crore per annum.

This mean that the candidates who secure admission in the PG course under the convener quota will have to pay a whopping Rs. 20.70 lakh, and Rs. 72.20 lakh under the management quota to complete the three year PG course.

For pre-clinical degree, tuition fee is as follow. For convener quota the fee will be Rs. 3.6 lakh per annum and for a para-clinical degree, a student has to cough up Rs. 6.6 lakh per annum. The fee under management quota is slightly higher than that of the convener quota.

For dental courses, the convener quota fee is Rs. 5.5 lakh for a clinical degree course and Rs. 5.25 for a para-clinical degree. For management and NRI quota, a clinical degree would now cost Rs. 10 lakh and Rs. 15 lakh respectively and a para-clinical degree Rs. 7 lakh and Rs. 8 lakh respectively.

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