October 10, 2017

Chinmaya, GIIS, DAV, Poddar, Ryan, Sadbhavana Schools in Andhra Pradesh - 2017

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has decided to allot land to various national and international schools to be set up in CRDA region. The Government has sent invitations to 33 schools out of which only 11 have come forward to set up the campuses.

The schools that were responded are Scottish Hi International School, Chinmaya Mission, Candore International School, The Heritage School, Sadbhavana World School, Ryan Global School, Poddar School, Glendale Academy, Global Indian International School, DAV group of institutions etc.

The land cost has been fixed at Rs.50 lakhs per acre. The cabinet will soon finalise the allocation of land to the school managements.

The international boarding schools will get 8 acres, international day schools will get 4 acres, national boarding schools will get 5 acres and national day school will get 3 acres of land to set up schools.

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