March 7, 2018

IPE Zoology Model Question Paper for Senior Inter Exams - 2018

Following is the Zoology model question paper useful for the Senior Intermediate students of AP and Telangana states. The model question paper is set for IPE exams of both the states. Duration of the exam is 3 hours and maximum marks are 60.


i) Very short answer type questions.
ii) Answer All the questions.
iii) Each question carries TWO marks. (10 × 2 = 20 M)

1. What is the effect of pCO2 on Oxygen transport?
2. Where is the valve of Thebesius in the heart of man?
3. Name the Keystone bone of human cranium. Where it is located?
4. What is all or none Priniciple?
5. Differentiate between mature B-cells and functional B-cells.
6. What are the functions of sertolicells and Leydig cells in human testis?
7. Draw a labeled diagram of a spermatozoan.
8. Write two reasons for population explosion.
9. What is Lyonisation?
10. List out any four features of Cancer Cells.


i) Short answer type questions.
ii) Answer any SIX questions.
iii) Each question carries FOUR marks. (6 × 4 = 24 M)

11. What are the functions of liver?
12. Give a brief account of counter current mechanisam.
13. Draw labeled diagram of pelvic girdle of man.
14. List out the endocrine glands of man and mention the hormones they secrete?
15. Write salient features of HGP.
16. Write notes on Neodarwinism.
17. What is meant by genetic drift? Explain it citing the example of Foundeis effect?
18. Describe briefly, the process of indirect ELISA?


i) Long answer type questions.
ii) Answer any TWO questions.
iii) Each question carries EIGHT marks. (2 × 8 = 16 M)

19. Describe the process of formation of urine in man.
20. Give an account of structure and functions of human brain.
21. What is Criss Cross inheritance? Explain the inheritance of one sex linked recessive trait.

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