November 13, 2011

AS Rao Talent Test for School Students of 9th and 10th Classes

Dr AS Rao Awards Council (ASRAC) is inviting applications from eligible candidate for Dr. A S Rao Talent Test. The awards are targeted at young children to nurture them in scientific thinking and realise the ideals of Dr. AS Rao. Science Talent Search Examination (STSE) will be conducted every year for High School students all over Andhra Pradesh.

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Following are details of STSE 2011, eligibility and application procedure:

Eligibility: Applicants should be studying 8, 9, 10th classes. STSE will consist of Telugu, English, Maths and Science questions. Applications can be obtained from Dr. AS Rao Awards Council, Bala Vikasa Kendram, As Rao Nagar, ECIL Post, Hyderabad by sending a self addressed cover stamped with Rs.5 . For more details, you can contact at 040 - 27143828.

Apart from the annual STSE, ASRAC also conducts workshops for top students. The council will give an opportunity to students to get experience in conducting science lab experiments and projects, and interact with senior Faculty. The Council also organises Special Capacity Enhancement Programmes for secondary school teachers. All the programmes and activities of ASRAC will be planned and implemented with the help of service oriented academics, employees of ECIL and philanthropists. More details can be obtained from

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