January 10, 2014

10th Class Social - Geography Important Questions

Following are 1 mark important questions from Geography (Social Studies) for 10th Class / SSC Public exams of Andhra Pradesh Board. These are important questions which may be asked in 1 marks questions section of the exam.

1. What is soil erosion?
2. How is India called a sub continent?
3. What is Green Revolution?
4. What is Mac Mohan Line?
5. Name the meridian which serves as the Indian Standard Time? Why?
6. What is a Dun? Give examples?
7. What is a Monsoon?
8. Why do the forests are considered as National Wealth from the point economy?
9. What is meant by direction of foreign trade?
10. What is sheet erosion?
11. What is a Pass? Give examples?
12. What are the agents of soil erosion?
13. What is meant by a multipurpose project?
14. What is live stock?
15. Mention four fuel minerals?
16. Expand T.I.S.C.O?
17. What is foreign trade?
18. Mention four Nuclear Energy minerals?
19. What is an International trade?

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