January 10, 2014

10th Class Geography 2 Marks Important Questions

Following are important questions from Social Studies - Geography for 10th Class public examinations of Andhra Pradesh Board. These questions may be asked for 2 marks.

1. Define Dun and Pass with examples or what are the differences between Dun and Pass?
2. Name the important river systems of peninsular India?
3. Compare the coastal plains of East and West?
4. Which rivers flow towards West? Why?
5. What are the reasons for population growth in India after Independence?
6. What is Monsoon burst or break?
7. How is the name India derived?
8. What is maritime climate? Distinguish between maritime climate and continental type of climate?
9. What is drought and what is sever drought? Which are the most drought affected states in India?
10. What are the main problems of rainfall in India?
11. What are the two important methods of climate classification?
12. Examine the need for forest development in India?
13. Name the important forest based industries?
14. What is the difference between tropical moist deciduous forest and tropical dry deciduous forest?
15. What is 'Estate concept'?
16. What is sheet erosion? What is Rill and Gully erosion?
17. What is Mac Mohan Line?
18. Compare Malwa Plateau and Deccan Plateau Compare Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats?
19. What are the methods of controlling population?
20. What is the main object of social forestry?
21. What is density of population? What are the high rural and urban populated areas?
22. What is the difference between forestry and productive forestry?
23. Explain the important features of Indian agriculture?
24. What are the types of mineral? Name some fuel minerals.
25. Distinguish between major medium and minor irrigation projects?
26. What are the conditions favourable for the construction of Hydro electronic projects?
27. Define 'White revolution'?
28. What are the main crop seasons in India?
29. What are the problems faced by Indian agriculture?
30. What are the facilities required for ship building industry?
31. Why is the location of sugar industry strictly confined to very close vicinity of Sugar cane growing area?
32. What is 'direction of foreign trade'?
33. What are the industrial regions in India?
34. Name the raw materials required for iron and steel industry?
35. The Ahmedabad - Boroda region is considered as the major industrial region in India?
36. What is the importance of Vishakapatnam port?
37. Name the different means of communication?
38. Distinguish between a harbor and a port? Name some natural harbors where are they found.
39. What will happen if there is a imbalance between exports and imports?
40. Explain the historical significance of Hyderabad and Varanasi?
41. What are the factors responsible for the increase in the volume of foreign trade in India?

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