January 5, 2014

10th English 2 Marks Questions - Telugu Medium

Q: What is the curse of Tutenkhamen?
A: The curse of Tutenkhamen is that whoever is involved in unearthing the tomb or touches
it, will face a terrible death.

Q: Why was there so much excitement when Tutenkhamen's tomb was discovered?
A: Nobody knew about Tuten's tomb for hundreds of years. When the tomb was unearthing, magnificent treasures were found along with the king's dead body. So there was so much excitement.

Q: Who was the first man who went into the tomb? How did he die?
A: Howard Carter was the first man who went into the tomb. He died of natural causes.

Q: Why did the Director of Antiquities fight against lending the treasures of Tutenkhamen to France? What happened to him?
A: The Director of Antiquities dreamed that he would die if he allowed Tutenkhamen's treasures to go out of Egypt. So he fought against lending the treasures to France. He
was knocked down by a car and died.

Dancing On (Prose)

Q: What are the common features in the lives of Balanna, Helen Keller and Sudha Chandran?
A: Balanna, Helen Keller and Sudha Chandran are physically handicapped. But they have
tremendous will power. They have proved that their disability has not come in the way
of their progress.

Q: After the accident, Sudha searched for a way of dancing again. Did she succeed? In what way?
A: After the accident, Sudha Chandran searched sincerely for a way of dancing again. She consulted Dr. Pramod Sethi and got fitted the Jaipur Foot, the artificial limb.

Q: What was her father's tribute to Sudha Chandran?
A: On January 28, 1984, Sudha Chandran made a historic comeback by giving a public recital in Bombay which was notable for its classical quality. Her father simply touched Sudha's feet as a token of his tribute.

Q: "The thunderous clapping that greeted Sudha Chandran at the end of her performance
in Washington was not merely for the wonderful way she had danced". What else
was it for?
A: It was for uncrushable spirit she had shown in not allowing fate to come in the way of her dancing again.

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