January 5, 2014

10th Class English Important 2 Marks Questions - TM

A Story That Can Be True (Poem)
Q: Why is the wanderer always thinking about his true identity?
A: No wonder, the wanderer wants to live with his parents. His mother died and his father is far away somewhere. So there is no one to tell him who he is.

Q: What is 'a dark and cold world'?
A: Nobody cares for the child. No one pays attention to the boy. Everybody is busy with his own job. Their disinterest in knowing the identity of the boy is 'dark and
cold world'.

Q: Why does the wanderer find fault with the people who pass by him?
A: The wanderer finds fault with the people who pass by him because they don't care for
him even though he was shivering in the cold.

Christmas Meeting (Prose)

Q: What do you understand about the character of Francis Randel from the story?
A: Francis Randel, the young man was man of odd and uncommon character. He was easily
excitable. He looked strange.

Q: Does the young man like being alone at Christmas? Why isn't he with his family for
the festival?
A: The young man does not like being alone at Christmas. He is too busy a writer to go
to his village to spend Christmas with his family.

Q: What coincidence do you find between the narrator's Christmas and Francis Randel's?
A: Both the narrator and Francis Randel were alone on Christmas day. Both of them had
odd experiences.

Q: How did the narrator spend her Christmas as a child?
A: When the narrator was a child, she spent Christmases happily. Her house was full of friends and relatives. She put a Christmas tree in the window and she received lots of gifts.

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