January 6, 2014

10th English EM - On Killing A Tree 2 Marks QAs

Q: Why does it take much time to kill a tree?

A: It is not easy to kill a tree simply with the stroke of a knife. Because tree has deep
roots which give rise to tiny twigs and miniature boughs. So the root has to be uprooted,
and scorched and choked in sun and air. This process takes much time and it requires a lot of strain.

Q: Why does the poet talk about 'killing' a tree?

A: The poet considers every tree a living organism. It too feels pain and pleasure alike, like the human beings. So he uses the expression 'killing the tree' rather than 'cutting'
or 'destroying' it. According to him, a tree cannot be denied the right to live. So his
attitude towards trees is fairly humane.

Q: What is the source of the tree? How is it? What is the secret of its strength?

A: The source of the tree is its root. It is white and wet. The secret of its strength is that it is hidden inside the earth for years together. It clings firmly to the layers of the earth.

Q: What methods are generally used to kill a tree? Do the methods can fully be worked out?

A: Hacking and chopping are generally used to kill a tree. These methods cannot be fully worked out. They may give a deathblow to the tree but cannot destroy it completely as green twigs are sure to emerge from it.

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