January 6, 2014

10th English EM - In Celebration Of Being Alive - 2 Marks Questions

Q: Describe the accident in which Dr. Barnard and his wife were involved. What happened
to them?

A: One day Dr. Barnard and his wife were crossing a street after a happy meal. A car
knocked him into his wife. She was thrown out into the other line where another car from the opposite direction struck her. He had eleven broken ribs and a perforated
lung and his wife had a badly fractured shoulder.

Q: How does Dr. Barnard's view of suffering differ from his father's?

A: Dr. Barnard finds the suffering of children heart-breaking. He sees no nobility in a
patient's agony or a lonely child's crying at night. But his father thinks that suffering ennobles one. That is the way God tests everyone. Thus, Dr. Barnard's view of suffering differ from that of his father but he finally realises that the experience of suffering will surely make one a better person.

Q: Why does the suffering of children upset Dr. Barnard so much?

A: Dr. Barnard sees no nobility in children's suffering. It upsets him. He finds it particularly heartbreaking because children keep trust in doctors and nurses. They believe they help them. If they cannot, children simply accept it as their fate and get ready for surgery uncomplainingly.

Q: What is the lesson that Dr. Barnard learned from the two children?

A: Dr. Barnard learned from the two children that the business of living is the celebration of being alive. He also learned that 'what you have left' is more important than 'What you have lost'. One should get on with the business of living undeterred by the problems of life.

Q: What was it that opened Dr. Barnard's eyes?

A: Inspite of being blind and crippled, the boys provided a lot of entertainment to the
inmates and patients of the hospital. They claimed that they had won the race. This
fact opened the eyes of Dr. Barnard. His thinking of suffering was changed. He learned that the business of living was joy in the real sense.

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