January 6, 2014

Junior Inter Organic Chemistry Important Questions

Ten Marks worth questions are coming in I.P.E. from Organic Chemistry lesson. One
must concentrate on various methods of preparation & chemical properties of alkanes,
alkenes, alkynes, benzene, different types of isomerism, named reactions and rules of
IUPAC nomenclature. Other areas to be learned are: Techniques of purification, qualitative, quantitative analysis of organic compounds, types of organic reactions & mechanisms, directive influence of substituents and electron displacement effects.

1) Explain a) Wurtz reaction and b) Friedel- Craft's reaction with one example for each.

2) Explain a) Position isomerism and b) Functional isomerism with one example each.

3) What do you understand about geometrical isomerism? Explain the geometrical isomers
of 2 − butene.

4) Give two methods of preparation of acetylene.

5) Write the structures of a) Trichloro ethanoic acid and b) Neopentane.

6) Complete the following reaction and name the products A, B and C with equations.

7) What is carcinogenicity? Give 2 examples.

8) What is inductive effect?

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