January 6, 2014

10th Biology Important Bits and Diagrams

Fill in the blanks:
1. The scientist who studied the sequences of changes in citric acid cycle is ......
(Sir Hans Krebs)
2. In man, air is humidified in ...... (nasal cavity)
3. The normal blood pressure in man is ....... (120/80)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In plants, exchange of gases takes place through (A)
A) Stomata B) palisade tissue C) Spongy tissue D) mid rib
2. Colourless blood occurs in (B)
A) lizard B) earthworm C) frog D) snail
3. Microscopic policemen of body are (B)
A) erythrocytes B) neutrophils C) acidophils D) platelets

Diagrams (5 Marks)

Q: Draw a neat labelled diagram of internal structure of human heart.

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