January 6, 2014

Senior Inter Botany 4 Marks Important Questions

Q: The culture medium (nutrient medium) can be referred as a 'highly enriched laboratory
soil'. Justify the comment.

A: The culture medium prepared for the explant consists
1. Sucrose (carbon source)
2. Inorganic salts (include macro and micro minerals)
3. Vitamins 4. Amino acids
5. Growth regulators

Mixed in distilled water, Agar-agar is also added to make it semi-solid. Thus it acts as
highly enriched laboratory soil and a plant can grow in it as it grows in soil.

Q: Why are flocs important in the biological treatment of waste water?

A: Flocs is a mesh like structure consisting aerobic bacteria and fungal filaments. It is
present in the large aeration tank where effluent with organic matter is present-
Flocs are aerobic, saprophytic heterotrophs.

They consume most of the organic matter in the effluent. They require more oxygen to digest organic matter. In the begining BOD is more and gradually it decreases as the flocs digest the organic matter. It is a biological treatment step of secondary sewage treatment.

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