January 14, 2014

Senior Inter Botany Exam Tips for Good Marks

As the exam season is approaching the intermediate students, their teachers and parents are all getting prepared to perform in a best way in their examinations. However one may practice some tips to score better in botany for IPE (Intermediate Public Examinations). It is true that to study about any subject is for personal appreciation and interest. A student of science can appreciate nature’s rules by getting a thorough knowledge of plants and animals.

In order to equip oneself with the skills of science one should have a constant reading and practice of the subject. But in the examination point of view the preparation should certainly aim at scoring more marks. One should plan, prepare and present in a perfect way for scoring better in the examination. It should be remembered that the marks scored in IPE (Intermediate Public Examinations) have 25% weightage for ranking in EAMCET. Hence one cannot ignore or neglect any chance of scoring best in IPE.

‘How to score better in IPE” depends on many factors like:

· Thorough, detailed and in depth study of the subject.
· Writing assignments repeatedly and assessment of the same.
· Time bound practice of full length exam papers.
· Discussion with the lecturers and team work with the students.
· Answering as many model papers as possible.
· Preparing a list of solid and frequently asked questions.
· Neat and legible writing.
· Thorough practice of diagrams and drawing the same in the examination.
· Writing flow charts or cycles where ever necessary.

The poor performance in the examination may owe to the following factors:

· Not reading the question properly.
· Not really knowing the answer.
· Writing the wrong answer due to wrong interpretation of the question.
· Poor and illegible hand writing.
· Incorrect / wrong presentation of the diagrams.
· Not maintaining neatness of diagrams.
· Not labeling the diagrams
· Not underlining the key words.
· Not writing the flow chart or cycle where ever necessary.

Analysis of the model paper in botany reveals that there are three types of

Section – I Very short answer type questions -2 marks questions (10
questions which are compulsory).

Section – II Short answer type questions – 4 marks questions (6 out of 8
should be answered)

Section – III Long answer type questions - 8 marks questions ( 2 out of 3
questions should be answered)

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