January 14, 2014

Senior Inter Botany Paper Section 3 - Tips for Good Marks

Section-III: This section contains 3 questions out of which only 2 should be answered. The questions are given from particular chapters according to a blue print and the student may be selective in learning few questions thoroughly.

For junior inter students LATQ are generally given from units II, III and VI. So that the student can choose most important and important questions for study under this section.

For questions on morphology and modifications the student is expected to write the modification type, define, explain, give example and draw diagram for each type. (Practicing to write the answers in given time is necessary for this type of questions).

For questions on fertilization, embryo sac structure etc., the process should be explained in detail and the neat labeled diagram (diagrams) should be drawn. (usually 3 marks are allotted for diagrams in this section)

For senior inter students the 8 M questions are expected from units I, V and VI.
Questions from unit –I (Plant Physiology) like Glycolysis should be written in statements as well as equations and writing the flow chart is compulsory. (The content will be allotted 5 marks and flow chart or cycle will be given 3 marks). It is commonly observed that the students who performed the whole exam well forget or ignore to draw the flow chart (or cycle in case of Kreb’s cycle or C-3 cycle) and lose 3 marks.

The questions of Unit V may be in the form of principles and processes of rDNA or tools of rDNA or applications of biotechnology in agriculture and other fields.

As the syllabus is revised this year much importance for applied botany is adhered to and hence questions on organic farming, bio-control agents, plant breeding, tissue culture etc are to be prepared with all precautions. If a student wishes to write extra questions he/she may attempt them after completing the compulsory questions i.e. 10 VSATQs, 6 SATQs and 2 LATQs. It is often observed that some students have the tendency to write all the 8 questions in section-II and then go for the third section which leads to shortage of time and they are prone to
loose marks in section III. The same way some students do not plan the time properly and take more than 30 minutes for each long answer type question and remaining answers are written in a hurry. So the student does not find time to revise and check the answers.

A perfect planning and preparation minimizes anxiety and fear in the examination. Incomplete preparation leads to confusion. Hence the students should plan, prepare and present perfectly for scoring better.

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