January 14, 2014

Senior Inter Botany Exam Section 2 Scoring Techniques

Section – II: This section comprises of 8 short answer type questions out of which only 6 have to be answered. The answers should be written point wise duly underlying the key words. Neat labeled Diagrams wherever necessary are to be drawn.
Ex: Give a brief account of prothallus.
The answer should comprise at least 6 relevant points and a diagram.
(The points will be awarded 3 marks and diagram 1 mark).

Questions of importance of microbiology, importance of bacteria, importance of single cell protein, economic importance of fungi, algae and bryophytes should be answered with a minimum of 8 points.

Sample question:

Write a note on agricultural / horticultural applications of auxins.
Comparison questions are given in this section also. You may write at least 4 differences. To score perfectly better you may write 8 differences. (If any sentences among the four differences are wrong you lose marks,
so better write maximum number of differences)

Sample questions:

1. Differentiate between red algae and brown algae.
2. Give any four differences between DNA and RNA.

Questions like “Write short notes on restriction enzymes”.
For such questions one should write the Definition
Structure (if any)

If a question contains two parts each part should be answered separately.
What is periderm? How does periderm formation take place in the dicot stems?
For such questions
The definition of periderm should be written separately.
Periderm formation should be described in 4-6 points and a quick
diagram (without showing tissue organization) should be given.

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