March 11, 2014

10th Class English New Syllabus and Lessons

The English Syllabus and Text books have been changed for 10th Class / SSC students of Andhra Pradesh / Telangana from the academic year 2014-15. Following is complete syllabus and lessons of new textbook for English.

1) Personality Development
A. Attitude Is Altitude
B. Every Success Story Is also a Story of Great Failures
C. I will Do It

2) Wit and Humour
A. The Dear Departed (Part - I)
B. The Dear Departed (Part - II)
C. The Brave Potter

3) Human Relations
A. The Journey
B. Another Woman (Poem)
C. The Never-Never Nest

4) Films and Theatre
A. Rendezvous with Ray
B. Maya Bazaar
C. A Tribute

5) Social Issues
A. The Storeyd House (Part - I)
B. The Storeyd House (Part - II)
C. Abandoned (Poem)

6) Bio-Diversity
A. Environment
B. Or will the Dreamer Wake? (Poem)
C. A Tale of Three Villages

7) Nation and Diversity
A. My Childhood
B. A Plea for India (Poem)
C. Unity in Diversity in India

8) Human Rights
A. Jamaican Fragment
B. Once upon a Time (Poem)
C. What Is My Name?

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