March 30, 2014

10th Class Paper 2 - Reading Comprehension from Supplementary Reader

Here are some more 1 Mark Questions. These are from Reading Comprehension of Supplementary Reader.

A). "Usually I don't lend or borrow money on interest. Still I have agreed to borrow money on interest from you for the sake of my friend''.

a) Who spoke these words?
b) Whom were the words addressed to?
c) Who was the 'friend' mentioned?
d) Why did the friend need the money?
e) Why did the speaker agree to borrow money on interest?

B). "You seem to be a worthy judge. Please go ahead and give your judgement. No man on earth can change my mind. I will not accept anything except the pound of flesh that is due to me''

a) Who is the speaker?
b) Who is the speaker speaking to?
c) Why does the speaker say that the person
is a good judge?
d) What had the speaker asked the judge?
e) What is 'the pound of flesh' the speaker is referring to?

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