March 30, 2014

10th Class English - Supplementary Reader Important Questions

Following are 1 Mark Questions from The Merchant of Venice - Supplementary Reader of 10th Class English subject of Andhra Pradesh / Telangana Boards.

Q: Why was Bassanio always in need of money?
A: Bassanio was a spend-thrift. He often spent more than what he had. So he was always in need of money.

Q: What kind of man do you think was Shylock?
A: Shylock was a very greedy and cruel money-lender. His only aim in life was to make more and more money.

Q: Why was Antonio ready to borrow money from an enemy like Shylock?
A: Antonio wanted to borrow money from Shylock because he wanted to help Bassanio who was his best friend. For the
time being, he had no ready money with him since he had invested all his money on trade.

Q: "I cannot trust his wealth", said Shylock. Why could he not trust Antonio's wealth?
A: Antonio had invested his money on trade: his ships with rich cargo set sail to other countries. Shylock was worried about the safe return of the ships.

Q: What were the evil thoughts in Shylock's mind when Bassanio told him that Antonio would stand guarantee for the borrowed money?
A: Shylock, who was waiting for an opportunity to take revenge on Antonio, trapped him wisely. He took the bond with a strange condition duly signed by Antonio.

Q: Why did Antonio and Shylock hate each other?
A: Antonio hated Shylock because Shylock was a Jew and charged high rates of interest. Shylock hated Antonio because Antonio was popular among the people of Venice and he spoiled his business.

Q: Why did Antonio sign the cruel bond?
A: Antonio signed the cruel bond because he was fully confident that his ships would return with lots of wealth soon and that he could repay the money to Shylock within the stipulated time.

Q: What made Nerissa believe that the lottery of the caskets would bring Portia a good husband?
A: Nerissa knew that Portia's father was a virtuous man. He put the lottery of caskets as a test. So Narissa thought that this would bring Portia a good husband.

Q: Why did Shylock want to take revenge on Antonio?
A: Shylock wanted to take revenge on Antonio because Antonio had spoiled Shylock's money-lending business by lending money to the poor and needy without charging any interest. Moreover, Antonio was a Christian and Shylock was a Jew.

Q: How did Jessica escape from her father's house?
A: When Shylock was away from home, Jessica dressed herself as a boy, took money, gold and jewellery with her and
escaped with Lorenzo, her lover.

Q: Why was Antonio arrested and thrown into prison?
A: Antonio was arrested and thrown into prison because he failed to pay the loan to Shylock within the fixed time.

Q: What appeal did the Duke make to Shylock? What was Shylock's reply?
A: The Duke appealed to Shylock to show mercy on Antonio by giving up his claim of the pound of flesh from Antonio's body. Shylock's reply was that he had taken an oath to have what was due to him as per the bond.

Q: Why was Shylock against Jessica marrying Lorenzo?
A: Shylock was against Jessica marrying Lorenzo because Lorenzo was a Christian and a friend of Antonio. Shylock, the Jew hated Christians and treated them as his enemies.

Q: What do the instructions of Shylock to his daughter tell us about him?
A: The instructions of Shylock to his daughter tell us that he was very suspicious of his daughter's character. He was a sadist and so he had no confidence in his own daughter.

Q: What was the gift that the young lawyer asked of Bassanio? What did it upset Bassanio?
A: The young lawyer asked Bassanio to give his ring as a gift. It upset Bassanio because he had promised his wife that he would never part with the ring till the day of his death.

Q: What was the gift that Lorenzo and Jessica got?
A: Lorenzo and Jessica got a deed of gift stating that they would get all the wealth of Shylock after his death.

Q: Shylock wanted to leave the court suddenly. Why?
A: Shylock was upset with the turn of events in the court. All his hopes of putting an end to Antonio were shattered. He had, therefore, no alternate except leaving the court.

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