March 15, 2014

10th Class Supplementary Reader - Comprehension from Baskerville Hall

Read the passage given below. Then answer the questions that follow it.

“It isn’t a very cheerful place, is it?” said Sir Henry. “I suppose I’ll get used to it, but right now I don’t feel comfortable at all. No wonder my uncle was nervous, living all alone in such a house. Shall we retire early tonight? Perhaps in the morning, it might seem a bit more cheerful.”

1. Who is Sir Henry?
2. Which place is he talking about?
3. Who was his uncle?
4. Who is Sir Henry talking to?
5. Why was Sir Henry feeling uncomfortable?


1. Sir Henry is the son of Sir Charles’ younger brother, the heir to Baskerville Hall and the last remaining Baskerville.
2. He is talkingf about Baskerville hall.
3. Sir Henry’s uncle was Sir Charles.
4. Sir Henry is talking to Dr. Watson.
5. Baskerville Hall seemed dark and gloomy in the night. So Sir Henry felt uncomfortable.

Important questions from the chapter:

1. Why are soldiers posted at different places at the time Sir Henry arrives in Devonshire?
A: A notorious criminal, the Nottinghill murderer, Selden had escaped from the Princetown prison three days prior to Sir Henry’s arrival. The soldiers were posted to observe his movements.

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