March 15, 2014

10th English Supp. Reader - Comprehension from The Hound of the Baskervilles

Read the passage given below. Then answer the questions that follow it.

“Very,” said Holmes “The one thing that can spoil my plans. Sir Henry should be out now, it’s already ten o’clock. Our success and even his life depends on his coming out before the fog settles on the path.”

The night was clear and fine above us. The stars shone bright and the moon bathed the whole scene in its soft light. But every moment the fog was moving closer to the house.

“If he is not out in fifteen minutes, the fog will be over the path and we will be unable to see anything. Let’s move on to higher grounds but not too far. Hark! I can hear him,” said Holmes as he put his ears to the ground.
The sound of quick footsteps broke the silence of the moor.

1. What were Holmes’ plans?
2. What was the one thing that could spoil Holmes’ plans? Whose life was at a risk?
3. Where does the conversation take place? What is the ‘house’ mentioned in the passage?
4. Whose footsteps did Holmes hear as he put his ears to the ground?
5. Who/what followed the person whose footsteps Holmes heard?


1. Holmes had planned to use Sir Henry as a bait to trap Stapleton.
2. The one thing that could spil Holmes’ plans was the fog, which would make it impossible to see things.
3. The conversation takes place near Merripit house.
4. The footsteps Holmes heard were those of Sir Henry’s.
5. A huge dreadful hound followed Sir Henry.

Important questions from the chapter:

1. Describe what Watson sees through the window in Merripit House. Who was not in the room?
A: Watson sees through the window in Merripit house that Sir Henry and Stapleton were sitting at a table smoking. Stapleton was talking and seemed excited.

But Sir Henry looked very pale and uninterested. Later, he saw Stapleton enter an outhouse from where a curious scuffling noise was heard. Mrs. Stapleton was not seen in the room.

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