March 23, 2014

10th Social New Text Book - Map Skills

Improve your learning:
1) Read the following statements and mark if it is an example of weather or climate
a) Every year during winter there is snowfall in the a
b) During the last few years many glaciers have melted in Himalayas
c) During summer, in Nagpur reaches above 450celsus
d) During the last few decades drought in Vidarbaha region has increased
2) Match the following. Use maps if you cannot locate the placesThere would be multiple correct answers)
a) Trivandrum is further from the equator and temperature would be lower in winter
b) Gangtok is at closer to equator but not close to the seas and has low rainfall
c) Anantapur is closer to equator, and climate has big impact of the seas
3) fill the following table. It contains factors that influence climate and weather. Use words like higher / lower, closer/ further.

Map Skills:

On an outline map of India, show the following:
(i). Areas recorded with more than 40oC annual mean temperature
(ii). Areas recorded with annual mean temperature less than 10oC
Formatted: Font: Bold
Formatted: Font: Bold
(iii). The direction of the south-west monsoon over India.


Collect proverbs/ sayings that are related to climate and weather.

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