March 23, 2014

10th Social Studies New Syllabus - Monsoon

Retreating Monsoon: October, November is a period of transition from a hot raising conditions to dry winter conditions. The retreat of the monsoons is marked by clear skies and rise in temperature. The land is still moist. Owing to the conditions of high temperature and humidity, the weather becomes rather oppressive. This is commonly known as “October heat”.

The low pressure conditions which once prevailed over north-western India get transferred to the centre of Bay of Bengal by early November. This shift of the low pressure area is far south. The period is associated with occurrence of cyclonic depressions which originate over the Andaman area. These tropical cyclones are often very destructive.

The thickly populated deltas of the Godavari, Krishna and Kaveri are their reflected argets. No year is ever found disaster free. Occasionally, these tropical cyclones visit Sundarbans and Bangladesh too. Bulk of the rainfall of the Coromandel Coast is derived from depressions and cyclones.

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