March 23, 2014

Tenth Class New Text Books - Social Studies - Indian Seasons

Traditional Indian Seasons: In the Indian tradition, a year is divided into six twomonthly seasons. This cycle of seasons that the common people in north and central India follow is based on their practical experience and age-old perception of weather phenomena. There is a slight variation in the timing of the seasons between northern and southern India.

1) Seasons


2) Months According to the Indian (lunar) calendar

Chaitra – Vaishakha
Jyestha – Ashadha
Sraavana – Bhadra
Asvina – Karthika
Margashira – Pausa
Magha – Phalguna

3) Months According to the Western (solar) calendar

March – April
May – June
July – August
September – October
November – December
January – February

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