March 24, 2014

EAMCET Medical Model Questions - Botany

Here we are giving EAMCET model questions from Botany. The objective type questions will be useful for practice at the time of EAMCET examinations. Questions from 1-22 are available in Previous post.

23. Match the following variety with its resistance to disease
A. Pusa Swarnim Brassica a. Black rot
B. Pusa Subhra Cauliflower b. Bacterial blight
C. Pusa Komal cow pea c. White rust
D. Pusa Sadabahar Chillie d. Leaf curl
1) bcad
2) abcd
3) cabd
4) dbac

24. Pusa Sadabahar is a leaf curl resistant variety of
1) Cow pea
2) Chillie
3) Wheat
4) Brassica

25. Which of the following is a variety of wheat?
1) Pusa Swarnim
2) Pusa Subhra
3) Pusa Komal
4) None of these

26. Leaf and stripe rust resistant wheat variety is
1) Himgiri
2) Pusa Swarnim
3) Pusa Subhra
4) Pusa Komal

27. Parbhani Kranti is a variety of Bhendi (Abelmoschus esculentus) is resistant to
1) Yellow mosaic virus
2) Bhendi vein banding
3) Vein clearing
4) All the above

28. Which of the following makes maize resistant to stem borer?
1) High aspartic acid
2) Low nitrogen content
3) High sugar content in maize
4) All of the above

29. Which of the following statements is/are false regarding Boll worms?
A. They are attracted by smooth leaves
B. They do not prefer nekton cotton varieties
C. They are attracted by solid stems
1) AB
2) BC
3) AC
4) ABC

30. Assertion: Sawfly does not feed on solid stems of wheat
Reason: Insect resistance in crop plants may be due to morphological, bio-chemical or physiological characters.
1) Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation for A
2) Both A and R are true But R is not the correct explanation for A
3) Only A is true, R is false
4) A is false and R is true.

31. Which of the following are varieties of Okra (Bhendi)?
1) Pusa sem 2 and Pusa sem 3
2) Pusa Gaurau and Pusa sem 3
3) Pusa Sawani and Parbhani Kranti
4) Parbhani Kranti and Pusa Gaurau

32. Fill up the blanks
I-crop II-variety III-resistant to the pest
A Mustard Pusa Gaurau
B Flat bean Jassids and aphids
C Pusa Sawani Shoot and fruit borer
1) Aphids, Pusa Komal, Chillie
2) Aphids, Pusa Sem 2, Okra
3) Leaf Beetle, Pusa Sem 3, wheat
4) Stem sawfly, Parbani Kranti, Okra

33. Breeding crops for high vitamin, mineral, protein or fat contents to improve public health is called
1) Bio magnification
2) Bio fortification
3) Biogenesis
4) Biosynthesis

34. Golden rice is rich in
1) Lysine
2) Tryptophan
3) High protein
4) Β-carotene

35. Which of the following IARI released crop is not enriched with vitamin A?
1) Carrot
2) Spinach
3) Bathua
4) Pumpkin

36. IARI released bitter gourd is enriched with
1) Vitamin A
2) Vitamin C
3) Iron
4) Iron and calcium

37. Which of the following IARI varieties are enriched with Iron and calcium
1) Spinach and Bathua
2) Carrot and pumpkin
3) Carrot and French bean
4) Spinach and garden pea

38. Approximately how much grain content is required to produce one kg of meat?
1) 1-2 kgs
2) 3-10 kgs
3) 10-25 kgs
4) 10-25 kgs

39. Which of the following alga is most suitable for single cell protein production?
1) Chlamydomonas
2) Spirulina
3) Methylophilus
4) Chaetomium

40. Which of the following fungi is not suitable for single cell production?
1) Mucor
2) Candida
3) Saccharomyces
4) Chaetomium

41. The conditions required for autoclaving tissue culture medium are
1) 12 min 1500 C 12 lbs.
2) 15 min 1210C 15 lbs.
3) 21 min 1210C 21lbs.
4) 15 min 1510C 21lbs.

42. The virus free part of a plant used for tissue culture is
1) General cortex
2) Xylem
3) Phloem
4) Apical meristem

43. Pomato is produced by
1) Selective breeding
2) Somatic embryogenesis
3) Somatic hybridisation
4) Any of the above methods

44. Which of the following are true regarding somatic hybrids?
A. Two isolated protoplasts from different varieties can be fused.
B. It can be done with plants which show physical or chemical incompatibility under normal sexual crosses
C. It facilitates direct transfer of cytoplasmic or nuclear genomes to plant cells
D. Desired combination of characters is always possible with somatic hybrids.
1) ABC
2) BCD
3) CDA

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