March 6, 2014

IPE Botany Senior Inter Important Questions - LAQs from New Syllabus

Long answer type questions (8 marks) will be asked in IPE exams for Senior Intermediate students of Andhra Pradesh. Here are some important long answer type questions as per the new syllabus useful for AP and Telangana students.

1. Define transpiration. Explain the structure and mechanism of opening and closing of stomata.
2. Explain the nitrogen cycle giving relevant examples.
3. Give an account of glycolysis. Where does it occur? What are the end products? Trace the fate of these products in both aerobic and anaerobic respiration.
4. Explain the reactions of Krebs cycle.
5. List five natural plant growth regulators. Write a note on discovery, physiological functions and agricultural/horticultural applications of any one of them.
6. Explain briefly the various processes of recombinant DNA technology.
7. Give a brief account of the tools of recombinant DNA technology.
8. Give an account of bio-technological applications in agriculture and other fields.
9. You are a botanist working in the area of plant breeding. Describe the various steps that you will undertake to release a new variety.
10. Describe the tissue culture technique and what are the advantages of tissue culture over conventional method of plant breeding in crop improvement programmes?

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