March 6, 2014

Senior Inter Botany Important Questions - SAQs from New Syllabus

Following are Short answer type questions (4 marks) for Senior Intermediate Botany as per the new syllabus of BIEAP, Andhra Pradesh. The question also useful for Telangana students from next year.

1. Define and explain water potential.
2. What is meant by plasmolysis? How is it practically useful to us?
3. “Transpiration is a necessary evil”. Explain.
4. Explain the steps involved in the formation of root nodule.
5. Explain how pH affects enzyme activity with the help of a graphical representation.
6. Write briefly about enzyme inhibitors.
7. With the help of diagram, explain briefly the process of cyclic photophosphorylation.
8. Explain the structure of chloroplast? Draw a neat labelled diagram.
9. Write a note on agricultural and horticultural applications of auxins.
10. Write short notes on seed dormancy.

11. Write any four physiological effects of cytokinins in plants.
12. Explain the importance of microbiology.
13. How are bacteria classified on the basis of morphology?
14. How are bacteria classified on the basis of number and distribution of flagella?
15. Explain the conjugation in bacteria.
16. What is ICTV? How are viruses named?
17. Explain the structure of TMV.
18. Explain the structure of T-even bacteriophages.
19. Explain the lytic cycle with reference to certain viruses.
20. Mention the differences between lytic and lysogenic cycles.

21. Mention the advantages of selecting pea plant for experiment by Mendel.
22. Explain the law of dominance using a monohybrid cross.
23. Define and design a test cross.
24. How many types of RNA polymerases exist in cells? Write their names and functions.
25. What are the differences between DNA and RNA.
26. Write the important features of Genetic code.
27. Write short notes on restriction enzymes.
28. What are the different methods of insertion of recombinant DNA into the host cell?
29. List out the beneficial aspects of transgenic plants.
30. Write notes on green revolution and gene revolution.

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