March 15, 2014

Tenth Class English Supplementary Reader - Three Broken Threads

Read the passage given below. Then answer the questions that follow it.
‘Give me a telegraph form”, said Holmes. He wrote, “Is all ready for Sir Henry?” and addressed the telegram to Mr. Barrymore, Baskerville Hall. Then he addressed a second telegram to the postmaster of Grimpen: “Telegram to Barrymore, to be delivered into his own hand. If absent, please return wire to Northumberland Hotel”.

1. Who is Holmes asking a telegraph form for?
2. Why did he send the telegram to Mr. Barrymore?
3. Who is Mr. Barrymore?
4. Why was the second telegram sent to the postmaster of Grimpen?
5. Who is Sir Henry?


1.Holmes wanted a telegram to send to Barrymore.
2. He sent a telegram to Barrymore to find out if he was at Baskerville Hall and not in London.
3. Mr Barrymore is son of the old caretaker and the butler of Baskerville Hall.
4. Holmes sent the second telegram to the Grimpen postmaster informing him to deliver the telegram into Barrymore’s own hands.
5. Sir Henry is the son of Sir Charles’ younger brother, the heir to Baskerville Hall and the last remaining Baskerville.

Important questions from the chapter:

1. If Sir Henry were to die, who would inherit the fortune?
A: If Sir Henry were to die, a distant cousin, James Desmond, an elderly clergyman who lived in the west moorland would inherit the property.

2. Holmes askeCartwright to visit twenty three hotels in the Charring Cross area. What did he hope to find?
A: From the post mark of Charring cross found on the envelope, Holmes suspected that the person who sent the anonymous letter might be staying in one of the hotels around Charring Cross. So he wanted Cartwright to visit the twenty three hotels and look for the center page of Times from which the words had been cut.

3. What did Holmes learn from John Clayton, the cabman?
A: The cabman Clayton informed Holmes that the person who travelled in his cab introduced himself as a detective and promised to give him two guineas if he obeyed him without asking any questions. Clayton told Holmes that the man asked him to take him to Northumberland Hotel and keep following Sir Henry wherever he went. Finally he shouted to Clayton to take him to Waterloo station and gave him his two guineas. While leaving, he introduced himself as Sherlock Holmes. Clayton said that the man was a couple of inches shorter than Holmes, neatly dressed and had a pale face and a black beard.

4. “There go two of my threads, Watson,” said Holmes. What were the two threads? How did he lose them?
A: Holmes had sent a telegram to Barrymore and another to the Grimpen postmaster asking him to deliver the telegram to Barrymore into his own hands and return wire if Barrymore wasn’t at Baskerville Hall. Thus he hoped that he could find if Barrymore was at Baskerville Hall. But he got the news that Barrymore was at Baskerville Hall.
He sent Cartwright to find the centre page of Times newspaper in which holes were made to cut out the words which were pasted on the letter sent to Sir Henry at Northumberland Hotel.

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