March 15, 2014

10th English Supplementary Reader - A Retrospection

1. Why did Stapleton want to wipe out the rest of the family?
Why did Stapleton plan to kill Sir Charles and Sir Henry?
How was Mr. Stapleton related to the Baskervilles?

A.Stapleton was the son of Rodger Baskerville, the youngest brother of Sir Charles. Rodger Baskerville ran off to South America where Stapleton was born.
Stapleton married a woman of Costa Rica. After stealing a lot of public money, he fled to England.

As he heard about Sir Charles and the hound of Baskerville, he planned to kill the heirs of Baskerville Hall in order to get hold of the property.

2. What was the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of Sir Henry’s boots? Why did two different boots go missing?(2)
How was Mr. Stapleton related to the Baskervilles?
Why was Sir Henry’s new boot returned and an old boot stolen?
How did Stapleton use the hound to keep up the belief in the curse of the Baskervilles?

A. Stapleton planned to take advantage of the people’s belief about the legend of the hound of the Baskervilles. He bribed someone at Northumberland Hotel to get some article used by Sir Henry.

When the new boot was brought to him, he found it useless and later got the old boot.
He bought the largest and most savage hound from a reputed dealer in London and painted it with phosphorus to make it look diabolical.

3. Why did Mr. Stapleton introduce his wife as his sister?
Why was Stapleton angry with Sir Henry when he saw him with Miss Stapleton?(2)
A.Stapleton had palnned to use his beautiful wife as a bait to attract the heirs of Baskerville hall and kill them, when he got the chance.
Yet, when he saw Sir Henry being intimate with his wife, he could not help showing his anger.

4. What plan did Holmes make to arrest Stapleton?
Holmes made a plan to catch Stapleton red-handed. What were the two things he did not foresee?
Why did Holmes, who asked Sir Henry not to roam on the moor, later ask him to do it?
A. Holmes’ plan was to catch the hound and Stapleton red-handed by using Sir Henry as a bait-making him walk alone on the moor in the night.
That would make the villain come out into action.
The two things he did not foresee were:
¤ the coming of a thick fog which made things invisible.
¤ such a huge, monstrous beast which stupefied them.

5. How did Stapleton meet his end?
“A woman of Spanish blood does not forgive so lightly.” How was this proved in the novel ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’?

A.After setting the hound on Sir Henry using the old boot, Stapleton followed the hound and heard it being shot to death. He started running on the moor, still holding the boot in his hand. At a certain point of his escape, he took a false step into the mire and was burried in it forever.

The next day, Mrs Stapleton led Holmes and Dr Watson on her husband’s track. Her eagerness showed her desire to take revenge on her husband who had not only ill-treated her but also cheated her.

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