June 24, 2014

Osmania LLB 3 Year Previous Question Papers 2014

Osmania University has conducted LAW 3 year examinations during May / June 2014. Here is the question paper of the subject Interpretation of Statutes (Paper 3). The question paper is for 3 year LLB course.

Part - A:

1. Distinction between interpretation and construction.
2. Heydon's rule
3. Harmonious Construction
4. Ejusdem generis
5. Interpretation clause
6. Implied Repeal
7. Interpretation of rules
8. Statutes of pari materia

Part - B

9. Discuss the rules of construction under the General Clauses Act 1897.
10. Examine the strengths and weaknesses of literal interpretation of statutes.
11. Enumerate the external aids to statutory interpretation.
12. Explain the methods of interpreting substantive and adjective laws.

Part - C:

13. X was charged for committing an offence punishable under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. When the trial was pending the said Act was repealed by the Parliament. What is its effect on the pending trial?

14. The sales tax act exempted vegetables from the levy of sales tax. Sales of betel leaves were subjected to sales tax by the authority. It was contended that betel leaves were not taxable as they constituted vegetables, which were exempted from tax. Decide.

15. 'Soliciting in the street for the purpose of prostitution' is an offence punishable under the Street Offences Act. A woman is making signs to men as they passed in the street from a window. is it a street offence? Decide.

16. A penal provision is capable of being given two interpretations. One interpretation leads to conviction of the accused, where as the other interpretation leads to acquittal. Which interpretation has to be preferred?

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