June 24, 2014

Osmania Law Previous Question Papers 2014

Following is the LLB 3 years II semester question paper of Osmania University of the examinations held in May / June 2014. The subject is Law of Contract (Second Semester). The question paper is for 80 marks.

Part - A: 1. Rights of Surety 2. Contract of guarantee 3. Pawnee 4. Nemodat quad non habet 5. contract of bailment 6. sale by non-owner 7. Minor as a partner 8. Factor.

Part - B:
9. Define a contract of indemnity. What are the rights of an indemnity of an indemnity holder when sued?
10. Discuss the law relating to dissolution of the partnership firm.
11. Discuss the rights of the unpaid seller.
12. What is a contract of sale? State its essential characteristics.

Part - C:

13. X purchases a type writer from Y on Y's undertaking that though it is old, it is an excellent condition. X finds that the typewriter does not work at all. Can he reject the type writer and recover his money.

14. Ramu agrees to sell 100 mounds of rice to Tirupati out of a larger quantity lying in the godown. According to the agreement Tirupati sends gunny bags for the price and puts 100 mounds of rice in them and inform Tirupati of the same. But before Tirupati could take delivery, the godown catches fire and the bags are damaged. Who is to suffer the loss?

15. A gave his wife authority to buy goods from B. A become insane, but the wife continued to buy from B, who did not know of A's insanity. Is A liable to B?

16. A undertakes to save free from liability arising out of any proceedings which C may take against B in respect of a certain sum of Rs. 200. What is the nature of this contract?

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