June 24, 2014

OU Law Previous Question Papers 2014

Following is the LLB question paper 2014 given for 3 year course of Osmania University. The name of the subject is Public International Law (Paper II). The paper is for 80 marks.

Part - A: 1. Hot Pursuit 2. Drag Doctrine 3. Opinion Juries 4. Four Freedoms of air 5. General Assembly 6. IMF 7. Monism 8. Optional Clause.

Part -B:

9. International law is the vanishing point of jurisprudence - Critically examine.
10. Write a note on territorial sea.
11. What are the purposes and principles of UNO.
12. Give an account of diplomatic privileges and immunities.

Part -C

13. A, the monarch ruler of state X was dethroned and so he f led to state Y. The new government sought recognition from Y. While Y has not yet decided to give recognition to it, the dethroned monarch A tried to recover state money deposited in the bak of Y. The new government contested the same in the court of Y and A pleaded immunity - Decide.

14. A, a foreign citizen is injured in an unanticipated mob attack, in the country X. Can the Y, the country to which A belong claim damages from X?

15. A boundary treaty is concluded between X and Y. Later Z succeeded X. Will Z succeed to the boundary treaty originally concluded between X and Y?

16. X sought extradition of A who is accused of an offence in state X but is not an offence in state Y to which A escaped. Is extradition allowed?

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