October 1, 2014

10th Class Biology Preparation Plan for New Textbook - AP and Telangana

In Tenth Class Biology new text book, the new approach aims at strengthening the backbone of the student. The practical experiments aim at improving the logical and reasoning capabilities and performing skills of the students.

There is more emphasis on writing own notes, maintaining a running notes and laboratory record. The new textbooks have new mode of presentation of the lesson. The titles of the lessons and their sub headings are new. The method through which the topics are dealt is new.

Lessons in the textbook:

1) There are 10 units in the textbook.
2) Each unit is prescribed with a process to follow by the teachers as well as students.
3) The format of the lessons is designed in student friendly manner. There are questions posed after each concept and the student have to answer it through observation or inference. Keep in view the academic standards mentioned in the textbook.
4) All these academic standards should be achieved by the students in every lesson.
5) Every lesson follows the same competencies.
6) Every chapter deals with both animal/ human life and plant life. This method lets us know the metabolic activity happening both in animal as well as plant life.

Academic standards:

1) There are 7 academic standards given in the textbook.
2) These academic standards should be achieved in every lesson according to the need.
3) Students should remember that the evaluation of the subject will be based on these
academic standards.

1. Conceptual understanding: Students should understand the concept and should be able to explain, give reasons and comparisons/ differences. They should develop their own brain mapping.

2. Asking questions and making hypothesis: Writing or preparing questions about the
concept studied lets the students raise doubts and clarify them. They shall learn
how to pose questions.

3. Experimentation and field investigation: Students shall learn to perform experiments
and maintain a laboratory record. They shall do field investigation for required topics.

4. Information skills and projects: Every student should know how to gather information
regarding the concepts of their lessons. There are activities in the lessons that make
the students to gather information and to analyze it or present it.

5. Communication through drawing, model making: This academic standard comes under developing the skills of drawing figures and making working models.

6. Appreciation and aesthetic sense, values: Students shall learn to appreciate the nature. They shall understand the importance of biosphere.

7. Application to daily life, concern to bio diversity: Students shall apply the learned concepts in their day to day life.

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