October 1, 2014

10th Class Biology Study Plan - Preparation Tips for AP and Telangana Students

There are 9 concepts in every chapter. Every concept is important.
1. Lesson: They are more elaborate and have concepts that deal with the logical capabilities of the students. They also aim at improving the scientific temper.

2. Think and discuss: See these boxes in every lesson. You are supposed to answer the questions given in them. Use any method to draw your answers. Make sure you answer them on your own.

3. Do you know?: These are information boxes. You can see tables/ information/ science facts/ scientists and their inventions relating to the concept of the lesson.

4. Activities (experiments): There are 2 to 6 activities in each chapter. You can do these activities individually or in groups. These activities include experiments, project works, studying facts and analyses, simple techniques, observations etc.,

5. Lab activity: These are laboratory experiments. Students should maintain a lab record in order to do the experiments and note them down.

6. Learn to do experiments and record them in appropriate manner. Altogether, there are 6 lab activities in the textbook. These activities should be performed in the laboratory and you should be well aware of the process and purpose of the experiments.

7. You can perform a few of them at home also. There is no rule that you cannot do experiments at home. You people can do footwork and preparations at home or with your
friends to make it easy while performing experiments in the laboratory.

Key words: Important words/ terminology related to the lesson are given here. You should know the definitions / meanings of the words given in this topic.

What we have learnt (Important points): A single glance of the important points of the

Improve your learning (Assessment of Academic Standards through questions and bits): This concept includes questions, fill in the blanks and multiple-choice questions. They are based on the Academic Standards mentioned in the starting pages of the textbook.

The questions given here are just to give you knowledge about the type of questions that can be asked in the exams. You need to prepare well to answer any type of question given in the exams.

Annexure: There are six annexure topics in the whole textbook. These topics deal with the concept of the lesson and give excess information about it.

Long term strategies:

You know that you have one long academic year to focus on the studies. So, you can plan your study according to it.

1) Write a time-table on how much of time you can give for each subject.
2) Set the necessary stationary, improvised apparatus and reference books.
3) Download necessary videos or animations from internet if possible.
4) Allot time for each lesson and its revision.
5) See that you tick mark on the time-table you prepared, when you complete the task.
6) This will show you how dedicated you are towards your study plan.

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