October 1, 2014

10th Class Science - Biology Study Plan for AP and Telangana Students

1) Yes. You should be ever ready for experiments.
2) You should learn the concepts with prompt concentration.
3) Maintain a running notes, a laboratory record.
4) Write notes on your own. Do experiments and write the observations.
5) Learn the keywords. They are very important to understand the concepts. They shall be useful in future education too.
6) There will not be any important questions or study material. You should be ready to
answer any question. Thus, you need to understand the concept very deeply and should be able to answer any question asked in any context relating to the syllabus.
7) There are a few questions given at the end of each activity. See that you can answer the questions without the help of the teacher.
8) Prepare a plan for each month and write the activities you should concentrate that
9) If you have to do an experiment / activity and you are not provided with the apparatus required, don't get disappointed. Look for improvised apparatus at home or
school, perform the experiment.
10) Do the project works on own. Use appropriate resources to complete the task.
11) Gain grip on drawing skills. Prepare the list of important diagrams and prepare well in labelling them.
12) Think on the applicability of the concepts learned.
13) Prepare some questions for every concept on your own and answer them. This shall equip you with readiness.
14) Concentrate on each topic of the lesson. Your running notes and planning is most important.
15) Prepare mind maps to each concept. It will be a bit difficult for the first few days. Take the help of your teacher.

Self evaluation:

Self evaluation lets you know your capabilities. So, keep testing yourself
once in a week in every subject. In Biology, you can take up a lesson, for
example 'Heredity'. This is a new topic for you. Listen to the lesson. Perform required activities. Learn about the experiments conducted by Mendel. Watch videos about DNA, learn Darwinism, know how species evolved. Then prepare questions on the doubts that arise in your brain.

Take the help of your teacher/ reference books/ videos/ friends etc., and answer these questions. Check for the correctness of the answers.

Plan properly and implement it. Be confident and build up ability of writing answers on your own. Perform experiments and activities. Concentrate on running notes and lab
record. Do lot of project works. Keep preparing own questions and answer them. Discuss with friends, parents and teachers. You shall win if your study plan succeeds.

Your references...

1) Read popular science articles on the topics of your lessons.
2) Biology dictionary.
3) Biology experiments for high school students book.
4) Metabolic activities book.
5) Reference books (ask your librarian for reference books.)

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