November 27, 2014

10th Class Social Studies - India - Relief Features Important Points

India is located in the Northern Hemisphere of the globe. The main
land of the country lies between 8° 4' N and 37° 6' N latitude and 68°
7' and 97° 25' East longitude.

1) The location of India provides its vast diversity in climatic conditions.
The Himalayas comprise three parallel ranges. They are the greater
Himalayas, the Lesser Himalayas and the Shivaliks.

2) The famous valley of Kashmir, the Kangra and Kulu are located in
the Lesser Himalayas.

3) The Indian Peninsula was a part of Gondwana land.
4) The rivers Ganga, Indus, Brahmaputra and their tributaries resulted
in formation of northern plain.

5) The Jhelum, the Chenab, the Ravi, the Beas and the Sutlej are the
tributaries of river Indus.
6) Chota Nagpur Plateau is rich in minerals.
7) Lakes Chilka in Odisha and Kolleru, Pulicat in Andhra Pradesh are
on the Eastern coast.

8) Deccan Plateau is a triangular landmass lies to the south of the
Narmada river.
9) Western Ghats, Eastern Ghats and Nilgiris form Western, Eastern and
Southern boundaries of Deccan Plateau.
10) Andaman and Nicobar islands are stretched in Bay of Bengal and
Lakshadweep islands in the Arabian Sea.

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