November 27, 2014

10th Social Important Questions - New Syllabus for AP and Telangana

Q: What are the reasons for high density of population in the
Indo-Gangetic plain?
A: Indo-Gangetic plains have high density of population because of
various reasons. The plains have fertile and alluvial soils, flat
surface, slow moving perennial rivers. Favourable climate is also

These plains have a close network of roads and railways which has led
to large-scale industrialization and urbanization. Agriculture is the
basic occupation and so more people settled there. Many tributaries of
the rivers Ganga and Sindhu flow in these plains. Small streams also
appear here.

Q: What is the role of the Himalayas in influencing the climatic
conditions of India?

A: The Himalayas play a very significant role in influencing the
climatic conditions of India. These Himalayas protect the great plains
of India from the cold winds of central Asia. The Himalayas are the
reason for summer rains and monsoon type climate in regions that are
beyond the Western Ghats of India.

If Himalayas were not there, India would have remained drier. The
Himalayan rivers have a perennial flow depending upon the glaciers.
They make the plains very fertile by bringing a lot of silt.

Q: What are the six major relief features?
A: 1. The Himalayas
2. The Indo Gangetic Plain
3. The Peninsular Plateau
4. The Coastal Plains
5. The Desert 6. The Islands.

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