November 9, 2014

10th Physical Science Preparation Plan - New Syllabus

The new text book of 10th Class / SSC Physical Sciences given for AP and Telangana states moves forward with great ease as it is linked with real-life situations and flora and fauna in which children live. This helps children understand that science helps society in many ways. In the new text book, Physics and Chemistry sections are integrated into one without any bifurcation.

Thoroughly go through each lesson before the teacher actually deals with it. Note down the points you came across so that you can grasp the lesson better. Think of the principles in the lesson. Identify the concepts you need to know further, to understand the lesson in depth.

Do not hesitate to discuss analytically about the questions given under the lesson with your friends or teachers. You may get some doubts while conducting an experiment or discussing about a lesson. Express them freely and clearly. Plan to implement experiment to understand the concepts clearly. While learning through the experiments you may come to know many more things. Find out alternatives based on your own thoughts.

Relate each lesson to daily life situations. Observe how each lesson is helpful to conserve nature. Work as a group during interviews and field trips. Preparing reports and displaying them is a must. Whether in a note book or examinations, write analytically, expressing your own opinions.

List out the observations regarding each lesson to be carried through internet, school library and laboratory. Read books related to your text book, as many as you can. Discuss the things you learned in your science class with farmers, artisans etc.

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