November 9, 2014

10th Physical Sciences Project Guidelines - New Syllabus

Project work: Project is an activity in which children choose a problem and follow
a systematic procedure to find solutions for it. This is useful to make use of the
innate abilities and creative talents of the children.

1) To develop tolerance, patience, cooperative spirit and group work.
2) Communication Through Drawing/ Model Making: Explaining by drawing pictures, expressions through pictures, marking the parts of a picture come under this.

3) Drawing block diagrams, flow charts and classification tables.
4) Expressing the information gathered graphically using bar graphs, pie charts etc.
5) Appreciation and Aesthetic sense/ values: Developing characteristics like sense of
appreciation and accepting reality.

6) Developing competitive spirit and the wisdom/ courage to accept failure and courage
7) Appreciating the efforts and exertions of scientists.
8) Designing pamphlets, writing slogans and poems.
9) Application to daily life/ Concern to biodiversity:
10) Recognizing the importance of biodiversity in their surroundings.
11) Making efforts to protect environment and preserve biodiversity.
12) Recognizing the fact that every living being has the right to live.
13) To have an awareness of nature and environment and behave responsibly.
14) Showing special attention on endangered species in nature.

Using Class Room Effectively...

1) Construction of knowledge through mutual interaction between the students and the teachers.
2) Clarification of doubts and construction of new knowledge is through free talk and
questioning with the teacher in the classroom.
3) Activities and exercises are open-ended giving scope for the students to learn
individually and to think creatively.
4) Classroom is an opportunity to participate and to find solutions to various problems
in science.

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