November 9, 2014

10th Physical Sciences Study Plan as per new syllabus

1) Read the lesson with comprehension.
2) Identify the key concepts of the lesson.
3) Identify the activities given for each concept.
4) Understand how the lesson has been introduced. Note the important objectives of the lesson.
5) Understand the nature of activities given.
6) Think logically whether the activities are done scientifically or not.
7) Try to answer the different types of questions given in the lesson.
8) Carefully identify the different parts of the pictures given in the lesson.
9) Prepare a proper plan to conduct the activities in the lesson with the help of your
10) Observe the contents of the sections 'Key words' and 'What we have learnt?'.
11) Check yourself how far you can answer the questions given under the heading
'Improve your learning'.
12) You must understand the importance of the lesson. This can be verified by putting yourself the questions 'Why should I learn this lesson?' and 'What use is it to you?'
13) Try to develop mind mapping of the lesson independently.
14) Answer the questions given in your own words expressing the central idea in the
way you understand.
15) You can give your opinions with regard to the concepts in the lesson and share your
experiences with your classmates.

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