November 28, 2014

Junior Inter Chemistry Important Questions for AP and Telangana

Q: Write the postulates of Kinetic molecular theory of gases.
A: Particles of a gas are in constant & random motion. Collisions of
gas molecules are perfectly elastic. Average kinetic energy of gas
molecules T.
There is no force of attraction between the molecules of the gas at
ordinary temperature and pressure.

Q: Why pressure cooker used for cooking food on hills?
A: Atmospheric pressure is low on hills. So liquids boil at low
temperature. In pressure cooker, boiling point of water is increased
by increasing pressure above the atmospheric pressure. Hence pressure
cooker is used for cooking food.

Q: State Dalton's law of partial pressures.
A: At constant volume & temperature, the total pressure exerted by the
non reacting gaseous mixture is equal to the sum of partial pressures
of individual gases present in it.
Ptotal = P1 + P2 + P3 + ...
Where P1 is partial pressure of 1st gas.
Partial pressure = mole fraction × total pressure

Q: What is surface tension of liquids? Give units.
A: The force acting per unit length perperpendicular the line drawn.
Units: N m−1 (in SI System)

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