November 28, 2014

Spoken English by M Suresan on Eenadu Pratibha

The Eenadu news daily has been publishing Spoken Columns for a long
time. The column has been maintaining the tempo with ever interesting
topics and clearing doubts of the readers by the author Sri. M.
Suresan. The Spoken English column has been successfully running for
more than 800 weeks. The readers can also download the Spoken English
lessons from Eenadu Pratibha website . Following is the brief
description of various spoken English columns published in Eenadu.

Eenadu Pratibha: The edition comes in district tabloid format every
Sunday. Readers can get their doubts cleared through this column.
Functional English column deals with day to day usage of English on
various occasions.

Eenadu Chaduvu: The page comes on every Monday and deals with words
often confused, modern English usage etc. columns.

Eenadu Pratibha website: Various columns are available on this website
like Grammar, Vocabulary, Modern Usage, Collocations, Spoken English,
Idioms and Phrases, Usages, Phrasal Verbs etc. Readers can also
download previous lessons Spoken English through www dot eenadu dot
net .

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