December 1, 2014

10th Class Biology - Photosynthesis Important Questions for AP and Telangana Exams

Q: Discuss the mechanism of photosynthesis/ what are the phases of
photosynthesis? Discuss in detail. (AS-1) ( 4 marks)

A: Here, you can write the mechanism of photosynthesis (about both
light and dark reactions). You can write steps involved in the
mechanism of photosynthesis, point wise.

Q: Nikhil observed the mode of nutrition of Amoeba in a microscope. He
also observed how nutrition is obtained in cuscuta. He prepared notes
with diagrams on this concept. Can you compare the nutrition in Amoeba
and Cuscuta with diagrams? (AS-5)

A: Here, you need to discuss about the mode of nutrition in Amoeba and
then in Cuscuta. Then draw relevant diagrams that explain the process
of nutrition. Same type of questions can be asked about nutrition in
algae and fungi. Prepare detailed notes on this.

Q: Parvati listened to her teacher explaining about nutrition in human
beings. She was not concentrating on the health of her alimentary
canal as she ate lot of junk food. After listening to the lesson, she
decided to be healthy. What decisions she might have taken to be
healthy? (AS-6)

A: Here, explain the nutrition in human beings briefly. Then, write on
good food habits and what decisions parvati might have taken to be

Q: Dilip is 8 years old. He was diagnosed with a food deficiency
disease. His body parts were swollen and doctor has recognized that
his muscle development is poor. He had fluffy face and dry skin.
Doctor said that his body accumulated water. Can you identify the
disease and recommend measures to treat the disease? (AS-7)

A: Here, you can draw the diagram of the disease. You should write the
name of the disease- kwashiorkor. You should write the reason for the
cause of this disease and measures to take to overcome this disease.

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